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Internet Explorer 9


The release of Internet Explorer 8 strengthen a little bit Microsoft’s internet web browser again as its users are satisfied with the features as compare to the previous vulnerable version of IE.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is facing the critics because of its speed, and support for advanced web standards. So, now it seems that Microsoft has big plans for the coming IE version 9 which is expected in 2010. Microsoft conformed that they are working on Internet Explorer 9 which will include many enhancements and improvements.

Microsoft developers has showcasing Internet Explorer 9 in videos so watch these to know more about the improvements of IE9.

IE9: Interoperability and Web Standards Support

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IE 9: First Look at the new JavaScript Engine

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IE 9: Surfing on the GPU with D2D

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AT MIX10 event, besides Windows Phone 7 Series Microsoft also has opened up Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview, which reveals many IE9 features as HTML5 support, GPU acceleration, JavaScript, Direct 2D etc.

So, here we embed a video which is published by NVIDIA, and demonstrates IE 9 running over Asus EeePC 1201PN next-generation ION net-book which is expected in April 2010.

IE9 Demonstration

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At the second day of MIX10 Conference Steven Sinofsky President of Windows Division has presented Internet Explorer 9 demonstration.

IE9 includes changes at ground level and many new web standards and technologies as new JavaScript engine, HTML5, DOM, and CSS3 and many others are part of it.

Microsoft has provided the IE9 platform preview for developers but this does not include user interface and could not be used for browsing. You may download Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview from the following link and experience its features.

You may read the details of IE9 features on official IE9 MSDN page.

Download IE9 Platform Preview

On the initial launch of Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview in March at MIX10, Microsoft announced that they will continuously released the upgrade versions after every 8 weeks for IE9 preview. So, here comes Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 2 which is available now for developers.

According to General Manager for Internet Explorer, Dean Hachamovitch IE 9 Platform Preview 2 is especially released by keeping the web designers in mind and includes many enhancements related to HTML5, CSS3 Media Queries and DOM.

These IE9 previews are without UI, and back buttons on bar and you can run these in parallel with your installed web browser. So, go ahead and grab the new IE9 preview, test it and give your feedback to Microsoft about its new features.

Download Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 2

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